Dive into the bathroom

I haven’t drawn much since last year having got distracted by festivities at Christmas and New Year. But finally today I managed to just draw stuff and not worry about outcomes… I had a wonderful time just taking a line for a walk here and not realling worrying about ‘wrong’ turnings. I didn’t quite manage to capture the livid green … Read More

Back to the beginning

Todays drawing of a blue bike….                                

Brave New Year…

So it’s 17th of Jan and I’m cranking up my drawing skills again with a vengeance. The brave new year starts with a nice cup of mint tea, I’m doing battle with ellipses again… not always winning but certainly learning.    

Weymouth beach

People sunbathing on Weymouth beach. The boy (top right) had trodden on a weaver fish and was being treated by the life guards. Treatment involves placing the stung foot in water that is as hot as the patient can cope with for 15 minutes.

Weston Super Mare

A man dressed in a high viz vest plus blue shirt and a girl who had the most amazingly thick dark hair and piercing stare. Both seen in a seafront cafe in Weston-Super-Mare.

Legs & bread

Drawings of my legs and a slice of seeded bread. I did these last week, I wish I had added colour to the bread drawing. Next week I’m going to try a week of drawing only in colour…  

Day 36: Quick sketch of liquid water colour bottle

Since I gave up the idea that I must sketch something everyday it’s got easier to sketch everyday! Today I decided to stop over thinking and just dive in with pen and draw without worrying about the outcome. I used to draw like this a lot. I was looking for something fairly small and simple to draw as I  just … Read More

Day 35: The art of waiting for breakfast

I saw a post on Everyday Matters about a new film by Danny Gregory ‘The Art of Breakfast‘ so I thought I would try it… I can’t tell you how disappointed I am with the result… from the dodgy drawing and all the bits that didn’t match up to the murky colours and failure to make the jam look … … Read More

Day 34: Watching the tennis in Bristol

Now that I’ve passed the 30 day mark I’ve decided to ease off a little as drawing something worthy of posting everyday is a bit of a tall order and was causing me to play safe too much. So from now on I will try to draw everyday and post the best bits. Today I went down to the big … Read More