Drawing on the right side of the brain: Exercise 5

Drawing of my hand

After many days and if I’m really honest at least a year of procrastination I finally got down to doing exercise 5 from ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’. I’d been putting it off because I didn’t have any bits of perspex to make the picture plane tool with. Finally went to get a couple of cheap frames … Read More

Legs & bread

Drawings of my legs and a slice of seeded bread. I did these last week, I wish I had added colour to the bread drawing. Next week I’m going to try a week of drawing only in colour…  

Day 32: People enjoying the sun

People enjoying the sun near the harbour side fountains Bristol city centre. The strange crooked finger thing was the beginings of drawing a pigeon… but it flew away.

Day 29,30,31: Three days of struggling to draw

Three difficult days of drawing. I wasn’t feeling very inspired. Struggling with proportions and I haven’t yet found time to get my water colour kit into a form that I can properly use out and about. So lots of hesitant and laboured pen and ink, mostly done in a hurry.  

Day 25: Cabot Circus Tree

I found myself waiting around in Cabot Circus shopping centre today. I had spotted a lovely view of this tree from a bridge overlooking Broadmead and planned to try to capture it in water colour. My first attempt was not great so I tried again and produced this image but with only half an hour I reaching for the ink … Read More

Day 22: Here’s one I did tomorrow… Day 23

Day 22: I didn’t draw anything… I tried to draw the kitchen utensils hanging over my cooker which my daughter had arranged in order of height and each had a lovely shadow behind it. But starting at midnight after 22 days of mostly late night blogging and staying up much too late, staring at screens I was too tired… I … Read More

Day 19: Almost nothing…

Almost failed today. Trying out a refillable (cartridge) Pilot v7 pen that I got with my order for Platinum Carbon ink from Tiger Pens. Drawing in the Primrose Cafe, Clifton, Bristol, the three ladies (mother & two grown up daughters) left minutes after I started drawing them and another customer came and sat between me and the man texting so … Read More

Day 10: Multitasking bathing

My feet at the end of the bath and a rather unfortunate leaning tower of play cups. I discovered that drawing lying down is not easy. My left hand kept going numb and it was difficult to find enough elbow space for my right hand to draw. The plastic duck floating in the top of the tower was gradually sinking … Read More