Day 1: Contour drawing

As it says on the page, an exercise from Betty Edwards book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”. The idea is to draw; for a duration of five minutes, the detailed wrinkles of your spare hand without looking at the paper. This approach certainly helped free me from some of the preconceptions about the subject and how it … Read More

Day 1: Starting again… again.

Yesterday I started sketching again in earnest. After a number of false starts since October I’m now attempting to draw every day. Hopefully you will see some improvements as time passes. Here’s what I produced yesterday. Rather tentative water colour washes plus restless cat.

Splash of Colour

Time to experiment and not worry about out comes! On Friday I had fun exploring what happens when colours are dropped and swirled onto wet watercolour paper. Trying to create some lovely “granulations” and “colourful greys”.  

Bristol Drawing Club

Drawings made at a Bristol Drawing Club meeting in March. When I got to my friends face suddenly I couldn’t draw her, the face was too familiar. I was no longer drawing shapes and estimating angles I was failing to produce a likeness and had to stop. If you like drawing and live in Bristol why not sign up for … Read More