Day 10: Multitasking bathing

My feet at the end of the bath and a rather unfortunate leaning tower of play cups. I discovered that drawing lying down is not easy. My left hand kept going numb and it was difficult to find enough elbow space for my right hand to draw. The plastic duck floating in the top of the tower was gradually sinking … Read More

Day 9: Washing and a five pound note

Not much to show for my time here, a whole hour (possibly more, I lost track a little). The colours were what caught my eye, but drawing the shapes proved quite a challenge. I’ll add colour tonight. Disappointed with this I decided to try Danny Gregorys’ tutorial and draw a bank note… I was pleasantly surprised at how well this … Read More

Day 8: Monochrome menagerie with piano

Still having some trouble keeping my horizontals level and perpendiculars perpendicular. This certainly won’t win any prizes for accuracy. The cat popped up on to the piano stool a few minutes after I started drawing (hence the lines across his face) and as soon as I had drawn him he curled up there out of sight.  Adding the grey wash … Read More

Day 7: Lyme Regis Bay

My first attempt at painting on location using a slung together miniature water colour set and a water brush. I found it quite difficult to control the water flow and therefore paint dilution, so accurate colour mixing was quite tricky. Also the water brush I had packed was quite small so painting the washes for sky and sea became stilted. … Read More

Day 6: Feathers

Sadly our cat (almost a year old) killed a little blue tit last night and I awoke to find a scattering of tiny feathers and a dead body in the front room. (The feathers were actually drawn life size, only about 4cm long).


I’ve been through a complete reassessment of the way I use colour recently. I wanted to improve the way I painted trees and use a more classical water colour technique (I had generally dodged this and was really just using water colour like gouache). After watching numerous video tutorials on the subject I found a couple of good ones and … Read More

Day 4 Indian ink

  Day 4 : Quite minimal drawing production today, bought Indian ink and made new sketchbooks using Fabriano 210gsm hot press paper. Almost too good to sketch in, so still working in Seawhite cartridge paper book for now.

Day 3: Marigolds

I’ve seen quite a lot of these gloves recently as I’m cleaning and decorating my home and have several pairs in varying states of wear. I didn’t achieve what I set out to with this, didn’t fit it on the page well either, but hey, it’s only day 3 of my new sketch a day regime… The Copic markers are … Read More

Day 2: Kuretake water brush test

I wanted to try out drawing with an ink filled water brush. After some hours of researching ink on the internet I was more confused than ever but fairly convinced I didn’t have the right kind of ink. It being May day bank holiday Monday, there was no possibility of going to an art shop. So I rooted around and … Read More