Day 19: Almost nothing…

Almost failed today. Trying out a refillable (cartridge) Pilot v7 pen that I got with my order for Platinum Carbon ink from Tiger Pens. Drawing in the Primrose Cafe, Clifton, Bristol, the three ladies (mother & two grown up daughters) left minutes after I started drawing them and another customer came and sat between me and the man texting so … Read More

Day 18: Lower Church Lane, Bristol.

I’ve wanted to draw this for a long time as it’s a view I see almost every weekday morning. Plenty of mistakes but also plenty of lessons learnt I hope… Still not achieving the holy grail of drawing something interesting in under 30 minutes.

Day 17: Piece of cake.

Much quicker than yesterdays offering this took 40 minutes plus a bit of extra tweaking time adding Gouache. I learnt a lot, messed up the shadows under the plate by mixing a nasty sludge colour and painting it just on the shadow overlap. I wish had just glazed in each shadow and allowed the overlap to define itself. Tentative drawing … Read More

Day 16: Water brush experiment

I started sketching in a new A5 sketchbook today. One I made using Fabrino Artistico 210g hot press paper (A simple dry bound sketchbook with only 14 pages and a craft card cover). Twice the price of my usual cheap Seawhite books. So I felt I really should try to get to grips with using water colour and water brushes. … Read More

Day 14: Two left hands

Late night drawing of my left hand using my new Lamy B-nib fountain pen. Some rather sausage like fingers here… more practice needed.  

Day 13: Changing light

I thought it would be fun to make an animated painting of the changing light outside my window. Little did I realise how long this would take… I made a simple line drawing and copied it onto seven A5 sheets of paper using graphite transfer paper. At 6.30pm I decided the light was beginning to fade so I started painting. … Read More

Day 11: Washing in Colour

I didn’t manage to capture the colours of the washing very well at all here but I learn a lot about how not to combine Indian ink washes & water colours…