Weston Super Mare

A man dressed in a high viz vest plus blue shirt and a girl who had the most amazingly thick dark hair and piercing stare. Both seen in a seafront cafe in Weston-Super-Mare.

Cherry porridge

I’m still really struggling with water brushes. At A4, I think this was too large an image to draw using such small brushes, especially for the shadow washes. I was at home why didn’t I get the real brushes out? Nice cherries shame about the wobbly bowl, ellipses are my down fall especially when drawing with permanent marker in one … Read More

Legs & bread

Drawings of my legs and a slice of seeded bread. I did these last week, I wish I had added colour to the bread drawing. Next week I’m going to try a week of drawing only in colour…  

Day 36: Quick sketch of liquid water colour bottle

Since I gave up the idea that I must sketch something everyday it’s got easier to sketch everyday! Today I decided to stop over thinking and just dive in with pen and draw without worrying about the outcome. I used to draw like this a lot. I was looking for something fairly small and simple to draw as I  just … Read More

Day 35: The art of waiting for breakfast

I saw a post on Everyday Matters about a new film by Danny Gregory ‘The Art of Breakfast‘ so I thought I would try it… I can’t tell you how disappointed I am with the result… from the dodgy drawing and all the bits that didn’t match up to the murky colours and failure to make the jam look … … Read More