Dive into the bathroom

I haven’t drawn much since last year having got distracted by festivities at Christmas and New Year. But finally today I managed to just draw stuff and not worry about outcomes… I had a wonderful time just taking a line for a walk here and not realling worrying about ‘wrong’ turnings. I didn’t quite manage to capture the livid green … Read More

Back to the beginning

Todays drawing of a blue bike….                                

Sparrow Hawk, Bristol Museum

  In trepidation I went out for a day of sketching today. My drawing skills are rather rusty & I’ve felt a little stuck in a rut using the same formula:- 0.3 permanent pen and wash, so having got warmed up drawing my mint tea in a cafe I decided to dispense with the permanent maker for this one and … Read More

Brave New Year…

So it’s 17th of Jan and I’m cranking up my drawing skills again with a vengeance. The brave new year starts with a nice cup of mint tea, I’m doing battle with ellipses again… not always winning but certainly learning.    

Drawing on the right side of the brain: Exercise 5

Drawing of my hand

After many days and if I’m really honest at least a year of procrastination I finally got down to doing exercise 5 from ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’. I’d been putting it off because I didn’t have any bits of perspex to make the picture plane tool with. Finally went to get a couple of cheap frames … Read More

The Nothe, Weymouth 16th August 2013

A quick sketch of Weymouth pier and Nothe fort viewed from the sands. I coloured the sketch using watercolour when I got home from memory and using a photo as a guide. It was interesting how much more detail I could see and draw than was captured by the photos I took. However, I’m still struggling with proportions and composition. … Read More

Weymouth beach

People sunbathing on Weymouth beach. The boy (top right) had trodden on a weaver fish and was being treated by the life guards. Treatment involves placing the stung foot in water that is as hot as the patient can cope with for 15 minutes.