365 ten minute adventures

drawing of a little plant

0.3mm permanent marker

I have slipped again and I’m struggling to create that pool of calmness required for drawing. I know it’s available to me if only I can stop that infernal voice that is telling me ” Oh no you don’t have time for that”.

Yesterday morning I found the good space again. I had put in my coat pocket* a small A6ish size thin sketchbook a 0.3mm permanent marker & a fountain pen with permanent ink. I was primed and ready for after the school run. By 9.05am I had drawn a little plant poking out of a wall. The wonderful feeling of endless time flooded back in and flushed with my success on this first simple drawing I produced another!

This time a drawing of a shop front. OK so it’s not going to win prizes and by the end I had realised there were some measuring mistakes, but I’m realising this is all part of the process and I just have to keep drawing daily.

It occurred to me, I could have 365 ten minute adventures in drawing, that’s a little bit more than 60 hours of drawing per year! Which sounds like a lot of filled up sketchbooks and lovely memories of things really studied. ‘A lot of remembering to smell the roses’ and not rush through life in a blur of hurried thoughtlessness.

*The right coat is a vitally important factor!

drawing of Bloom & Curll

0.3mm permanent marker