I'm exploring new directions in 2018. I want to spend time experimenting with creativity in the widest sense free from the idea it should contribute in any way to my income.

I plan to re-train in therapeutic horticulture and sustainable land management as a more social and practical activity to balance the introspective, solitary nature of making art. I'll still be drawing and printing but I’m planning a long period of experimentation so I may not have any new work available for several months.

I'll document my experiments and discoveries in my blog I hope you'll find some of it inspiring.

Diana Powell
2nd February 2018

Diana Powell Drawing Kit

Part of this year of experimentation will be a re-evaluation of the processes and materials that I use to create my work. I want to make them as ecologically sustainable as I can. I'm interested to see where this will take me and how it will change the work I produce. I'll look at plastics, waste, water use and pollution. Again check out my blog to see what I discover...

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