Day 8: Monochrome menagerie with piano

Drawing Monochrome menagerie

0.3mm permanent marker, water brush with 50/50 ink wash, 50 minutes, A4 (A5 double page spread)

Still having some trouble keeping my horizontals level and perpendiculars perpendicular. This certainly won’t win any prizes for accuracy. The cat popped up on to the piano stool a few minutes after I started drawing (hence the lines across his face) and as soon as I had drawn him he curled up there out of sight.  Adding the grey wash in the shadows and darker objects was really enjoyable and certainly helped lift the sketch. I could do with a lighter shade as well though.

This took me 45 minutes. Danny Gregory has recently posted a great little ‘how to video tutorial’ (watch it here) about how to approach painting complex subjects. He says he completes a complex drawing of a crumpled dollar bill using four different width pens and ink wash in just ten minutes! I guess that’s what happens if you draw everyday from many years.


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