I’m exploring new directions in 2018. I plan to re-train in therapeutic horticulture and sustainable land management. I want to be more physically active and work with others. Making art can be a lonely sedentary pursuit. I also want to spend time experimenting with creativity in the widest sense free from the idea it should contribute in anyway to my income. I’m interested in sustainability, local resilience and regeneration, gardening, horticulture, art and crafts. I’ll document my experiments and discoveries in my blog I hope you’ll find some of it inspiring.

Diana Powell

Diana Powell Drawing Kit

I’m re-evaluating the processes and materials that I use to create my work to make them as ecologically sustainable as I can. OK so I’m just one artist and changing my ways is not going to save the planet but neither is doing nothing. I figure I’d rather make a conscience effort to do the right thing and see where that takes me. This year I intend to take a closer look and see how much I can reduce waste.

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